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Ranger-Tell (Remote Sensing)
Victorian Goldfields Bendigo Victoria 3550 Australia
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R. Tell , Agent

Ranger-Tell (Remote Sensing)

Welcome to Ranger-Tell (Remote Sensing)

A brand-new long range locator (built within 24 hours of order) that will find gold, precious metals and gemstones. Also a fantastic tool for treasure-hunters.The Examiner will astound with it's accurate determination of coin, medal and artefact location. You simply enter in a provided frequency for a target and forget it!! We give you our own copyright Ranger-Tell frequencies for Gold, Silver, Copper, Lead , Diamonds,Opals, Water, Emeralds and coins and notes. You can find them ANYWHERE from hundred of yards to miles (deposits).

Astounded? We are too! Read on!If you want to view more Examiner details, pics and stories


The range of this detector is Unbelievable!!

VALUE PACKAGE!! Buy now and receive FREE OF CHARGE one 'My MFD' Long Range Molecular Frequency Discriminator with a range of ONE KILOMETRE (Value: $150USD). It works intelligently for gold and is yours if you buy the Examiner now. It's a perfect pocket-sized partner. Forget lugging around large meter boxes like most MFDs are.

The Examiner will swing perceptibly towards large targets many meters below the surface and several hundred meters distance. I won't tell you exactly how far it will detect really because you soon stop counting. It's easily demonstrated sweeping towards old mines kilometres away (no joke!). Plus it has found gold EVERY time it's been used this year on Australian Goldfields and continues to be amazingly popular worldwide.

Most people will only need it for nuggets and gold in general, which will be detected without fault at hundreds of meters distance and conservatively a hundred metres of solid rock. It basically works like a standard metal detector but employs frequencies that extend the range considerably. Using physics models that the geophysical companies use over hundreds of square miles, the Examiner represents the best way to do it alone outside these companies. All tests can be applied with samples before you even go out.

You can prove it over and over again. The Examiner LRL will align with gold over fields, parks etc. If you and the Examiner are not compatible your money will be cheerfully refunded.

The Examiner is not a magic dowsing machine that uses the mind lol but consists of a guaranteed 100% accurate electronic frequency tuning system.


The Examiner as well as the Long Compass (below) are the best dry or wet pinpointers avaiable. You can spend hundreds just on a pinpointer. R-T products will do the same thing with smaller sizes. You can sum up the contents of a river pan in a second, instead of painstakingly washing.

Also a valuable tool for geologists who wish to identify minerals quickly without time consuming tests.

For more details and photos of the R-T Remote Sensing Examiner Visit: http://www.rangertell.com/infosite.htm

It should be called the GoldBot since all you need do is follow it to the target. It indicates the target by aligning with an obvious swinging attraction which will not change. The Examiner behaves like a gold magnet due to the unique aerial electronics.

The Ranger-Tell Examiner uses a powerful frequency induction system turned to maximise detection, and flawless electronic circuitry. Since it is based on original aerial physics there is no battery power required. This means no stress on the electronics and thus theoretically you can use it forever. No awkward buying and installing of batteries and checking for charge, no constant outlay.Unlimited field time

Now with a weight discrimination control to allow you to choose the size of the target that will be detected! This means no more flour and fine gold if that's not what you want. You can set it to nuggets and caches and not have to worry about false alarm traces ever again.


Comparable units sell for about $3000 USD. Few overheads and no market pressures allow the low price of the Examiner.

There is a 14 day seller warranty period during which you can test the Examiner for compatibility with you. If you're not in synch with it, just send it back. Direct Deposit preferred but Paymate (no requirement to register)or Western Union etc accepted. We will ship your packet within 24 hours of receiving your payment or notice of same.

The Ranger-Tell Examiner was developed and tested by a geologist.

Great for passengers to use in moving vehicle. Allows an entire area search in no time. Even a square mile will only take a few hours. Features original discrimination of small or large gold sizes making your day worthwhile. Will not corrode or diminish in performance EVER due to construction. Email after sales service and tech support PLUS updates sometimes every month. Weighs a fraction of a kg which means maximum portability. Note: Models being improved all the time and may differ slightly in appearance.

Many compliments have been received by the acclaimed Ranger-Tell Examiner and and Long Compass (Rodette II), our other products. An Arizona detectorist writes:

"Hi Ranger, I am enjoying the Ranger-Tell as I am getting more familiar with the instrument. I need more practice tuning it, and need to make softer, steadier sweeps so I can gauge the pulls and hits. Your experience and helpful tips are greatly appreciated. Thanks much. Best Regards." Ben Fisler

From Wyoming came the following:

"At the end of the day we had had a great time and I had learned a lot. I tell you one thing, I will continue to use it for a long time to come. It is so versatile, sensitive and light weight that you can take it anywhere with no limitations." Lonnie Williamson

BUY NOW for only $689USD/$999AUD postage included. Optional case extra--see site. Note: Exchange rate fluctuates slightly.

A serious instrument but much easier to use than a standard metal detector!! It will pay for itself before you know it!

It is being currently used with great success in the US and Australia and has been purchased from Switzerland, Canada, Turkey, Brazil, Arabia, Malaysia and Greece and many other countires.

For more details and photos of the Examiner Visit: http://www.rangertell.com/infosite.htm

Buy This Now! This Is Better Than Good Value, It's Exceptional!!

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A company that produces the most affordablelong range locating and remote sensing instruments for both professionals and novice metal detectors.

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Company Name: Ranger-Tell (Remote Sensing)
Country/Territory: Australia
Business Type: Others
Registration Date: 2003/10/11 (Year/Month/Date)
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